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At Infiniem, we excel in generating returns for investors by
cultivating enterprises that drive the future economy.

Diversified Investments

Infiniem aspires to become the world's largest asset manager and investment firm, with a focus on real estate, technology, aviation, pharmaceuticals and renewal energy. With a vision of serving institutional and individual investors, we strive to develop formidable businesses that generate enduring value. Leveraging our extensive partnership for real estate assets and innovative technologies, we aim to invest in dynamic sectors poised for long-term growth, solidifying our position as a global leader.

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With decades of financial expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we at Infiniem offer a diverse investment portfolio that exemplifies our dedication to quality, exceptional client service, and integrated approach to investments.

Wise decisions yield superior returns, and experienced individuals are the source of sound investment strategies.

Mark Rudolph
CEO - Pioneer Ventures

United by a common goal and passion for people, our investment strategy team is second to none.

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Headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in 3 metro areas, Infiniem has a diverse portfolio of investment across real estate, technology, aviation and pharmaceuticals.

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We are evaluating almost 57 projects in 3 countries.
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Infiniem have proposed new projects totaling 25 billion USD